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First off, I would like to congratulate you. Since you are reading this you have taken your first vital step in quitting smoking. And taking that decision is very important and took a lot of courage. But wanting to stop the habit is just the start. There are really only four steps you will need to take to kick the habit each with sub-steps of their own. Only 4 steps you may say, that sounds easy. Well it isn’t but with some hard work and dedication you will be successful.

You are going to get a lot of offers by phone and by mail for scholarship searches, or telling you you’ve won a contest or scholarship…..and most of them are TOTAL scams.

Years ago I had an interview with a large payroll HRIS software company. The VP of sales told me that they felt they were only closing the low lying fruit and were not closing the harder sales. I told him, the low lying fruit was exactly what I was going to try and close and to find as much of those situations as possible. He told me he did not like the answer. I was a little terrified because I could not wax cartridges back down at this point. I told him “Sorry, but it’s the truth.” If you hire an inexperienced HR sales person, they are going to work the hard deals and six months to a year down the road, they will determine that the low lying fruit is where the money is made in HR software sales. I received the job offer but turned it down to start my own company.

Yes, an HR system will save human resources a tremendous amount of time and benefit the entire organization but how much money is actually saved? Not an easy answer or an easy sale.

Double check the time factor you really only have two days in order to have it ready for Monday morning. Actually the ideal fast and easy science project will not take more than a few hours, in case something goes wrong and you have to do it again. And trust me, this often happens It also leaves you plenty of time for to get your write up, charts and posters made.

Cook some seeds of Bishop’s wax cartridges in water. Let the water boil and the fumes come out. Bring your affected joints in contact with the fumes. This will make the joint pains disappear.

HR people are not IT people. You are not going to sell the technology to HR. You are going to sell the results of what your system can provide. In order to do this, you need to solve problems. The consultative sales process is pretty basic. Find out what the client is currently using and what problems they are having. Ask what they need a system to do and then show that your product corrects these problems and meets their needs. The better you are at this approach, the more likely you are to win the deal. This last paragraph is extremely important; you may want to go to Amazon and purchase a few books on consultative selling.

On the subject of injuries please remember to protect yourself when looking after your lawn. Wear ear plugs when using machinery, protective glasses or goggles and shin pads with machines which throw debris about, and respirator and gloves when using poisons. All of these items are available at work wear and gardening stores.

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