Signs Of An Energy Deficient House

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful time even for the most experienced property owner in the best of markets, let alone when times are tough and the real estate outlook is gloomy. As a first time buyer, I can tell you it helps to have a realtor you can trust. Our realtor was a family friend who has been in the business for years and knew the area in which we were conducting our search extremely well. She excelled at negotiating and her experience gained us the upper hand during the entire home buying process, yet there were still things as new homeowners for which we were unprepared.

The first thing you have to consider is the mortgage loan. Indeed, mortgage loans can also be granted to people who have bad credit. So having bad credit is not that big problem.

Before purchasing a home, you have to know if the home needs major repairs or not. In knowing this, at least you can decide if you want to buy the home or not. If ever you want the home, knowing that there are some that needs to be repaired, you can plan for it and allocate budget for it.

The house had 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, built in 1942. The repairs needed included a new roof, new windows, HVAC, landscaping, paint inside and outside trim, pressure wash outside, sand down fascia boards, masonry work and new outside doors. Sounds like a lot and it was for a new loan officer living from paycheck to paycheck. He did his best – just making the monthly mortgage payment. The renters were not the most studious at paying rent. Barely having money to make the mortgage payment, he really didn’t have the money to evict the tenants.

Have a syracuse home inspectors prior to any remodel or large repair project. For many reasons this is a good idea, but it’s important to know if lead based paint, asbestos insulation or mold are present, as they require special handling and clean up. Pets have very sensitive repertory systems.

Frequency of cleaning – The prices will also change according to the frequency of maids services used i.e. weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, etc. The prices for initial cleaning and monthly cleanings are expected to be higher than bi-monthly or weekly cleanings. Regular cleaning usually secures a significant discount.

Clean, clean, clean. Make sure your house is always clean and pleasing to the buyer. Remember that they are most likely going to be looking in closets, opening the oven door and peeking in showers. You want to show your house in the best possible light.

These are not foolproof methods for a quick sale, but they can give you a leg up on the competition. It’s important to show that you are keeping the buyer in mind and that you want to provide a fair sale. That can go far in today’s real estate market.

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Signs Of An Energy Deficient House

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