Ncaa College Basketball Tournament Preview: The Elite Eight, Part 2

New numbers from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey are out and a small army of bloggers and reporters have been culling through the data dump in an effort to parse out how cyclists fit into the commuting mix.

How many of you remember seeing Barak Obama or John McCain on the campaign trail talking about clean coal technology? Did you notice how this occurred in the swing states, states like Pennsylvania, West Insulated siding Virginia Beach, Ohio and others. Now consider this, there are no operating clean coal plants in the United States, the proponents of clean coal cannot tell you what it will cost to produce energy using this technology. This technology may not even be viable yet both presidential candidates were talking about how important it is… Why is that?

All of these characters converge on Mesa Verde, where the secret of the mysterious–and perhaps violent–disappearance of the Anasazi still seems to inhabit the ruins. As Josh and Frankie seek the answer to Jimmy Kincaid’s destiny in the park’s mythic heritage and Bonus hopes to learn the true fate of his father, Tommy and the General are making plans of their own to ensure that the dead stay where they belong–the places they call home.

We know about the 100 points in a single game, but he also is the only NBA player to average 40 or 50 points a game during a season. While certainly considered one of the greatest NBA players ever, Chamberlain’s also regarded as one of the most dominant players in the history of professional sports. During his career with the Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers, and San Diego Conquistadors, Wilt Chamberlain won two NBA titles and four NBA MVP awards.

Juanita: Paul, it has been great talking with you today, thanks for the opportunity to interview you for your new book “Places the Dead Call Home.” We certainly recommend readers look for all of your books at local and online bookstores. Before we depart, do you have any final thought for your readers?

You know the answer to that one! You suddenly would have a lot less members. So, using the membership funding technique to increase your funding isn’t going to work.

A much more applicable Civil War example of one’s sins finding them out would have been President Abraham Lincoln, who sinned against God and his countrymen by thumbing his nose at the Constitution and suspending its habeas corpus protections. His sins caught up with him at little place called Ford’s Theater.

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Ncaa College Basketball Tournament Preview: The Elite Eight, Part 2

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