8 Detrimental Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

Recycle your old electronics to different vendors. There are different companies that are willing to pay you good money for these electronics. Some of the companies that buy electronics for cash are Cellitused, Wal-Mart, and there are many others. You can search the web for other companies that give cash for you old electronics. Keep in mind that your electronics are used so you will not get what you paid for it but it will get some cash if it meets the conditions of the company. The conditions are based on the wear and tear of the product and other requirements. Check with the dealer for more detailed information.

It’s isn’t your adjusting technique, your certifications, your team talent, your physical office, your equipment, your collections or even your marketing. What is it? Continue reading.

The U.S. Department of Labor today reported that 247,000 non-farm payroll jobs were lost in July. In addition, the unemployment rate fell from 9.5% in June to 9.4% in July. Non-farm affordable payroll job loss numbers were revised down 43,000 in May and June.

Why doesn’t Morgan go into the market and buy physical silver for delivery? 3.3 billion ounces of silver is one-third of the entire world’s known silver deposits. Put another way, 3.3 billion ounces is twice the world’s stockpile of silver, or four times the annual mined supply. Even more worrisome, 3.3 billion ounces is four times the inventory of silver available at the COMEX.

U.S employers hired a mere payroll jobs workers the Labor Department said the fewest number in nine months and far below economists expectations for a rise.

Oh and 1 more thing, when you list the companies you’ve worked for, please explain what they do. OK, we’ve all heard of Walmart but don’t assume the recruiter knows about every company.

Anyone who’s successful at this will tell you it is hard work. It’s going to take the same dedication and commitment as your cubicle job does. The difference is that when you own the company you get to set priorities, make critical decisions, manage financial positions, create sales presentations and, let’s be honest… this is the most important thing… work whenever you feel like it, yup, you get to set your own hours.

Getting a temp job could be just the thing you’ve been looking for! And it could lead to bigger and better things – if that is your goal. If not, it’s ideal for those of you who want ot work…and move on to the next best thing.

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8 Detrimental Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

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