Realising The Full Potential Of Your Email Lists

It is a known fact that Social Media helps build communities. But there are so many social media tools to choose from, and many entrepreneurs and small business owners do not know how to use the tools to their advantage.

Without effective advertising about your creation, people will never come to know about it. Business is an ocean, and you are just another new born fish intending to compete with the sharks out there.

You should start by making an index of what your current software functions are. If this doesn’t fulfill you needs, start looking for the latest software package. Don’t settle for something until you know exactly what you require and are able to find it.

Self Promotion – Yes, I know this may seem backwards to some. But do you really believe that your customers and potential clients want to hear about how great you are every day? They are not interested in how you are living the fabulous life in the fab lane.

I want you to build a list of prospects using simple email marketing services like I’ve talked about here, to always have prospects that you can build relationships with and maybe a potential business partnership!

You can do it yourself from your computer for free, but this is generally not a good idea for a lot of reasons. If you have more than 50 people on your list, you really need something more professional.

Now, on to the next problem. Perhaps your open rate is nearly perfect – subscribers are opening your emails, but… there’s a problem. You’re not noticing any traffic to your website as a result. They’re reading the email, but they’re not taking any action on it. Why not? This time it’s not the subject line that’s the culprit – it’s something in the body copy of the email itself. Again, a professional email copywriter can examine your copy to see where you’re going wrong and then fix it in future mailings. There are many possible errors, but typically it’s simply that the call to action in the email isn’t clear or strong enough – the reader just doesn’t know what to do next.

Figure out internally how much of your overall marketing budget is allocated to email marketing. Keep in mind, industry insiders are saying that for 2011, budgets are increasing from email marketing campaigns because of their incredible return on investment, effectiveness and total value.

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Realising The Full Potential Of Your Email Lists

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