Five Ideas That Kill Home Businesses

If you’ve spent any amount of time surfing the web either for business or pleasure, I’m sure you’ve seen what I am about to show you. In fact, you’ve probably seen more of these than anything else, as almost every business with an online presence has one (or sometimes several spread out over different pages).

Do you have access to mailing lists directly related to your subject matter? Maybe you already have a small business selling information, or have access to a customer list of people who buy similar information.

Be his best friend, lover, girlfriend, wife and group home consultant wrapped into one person. Listen to him when he talks about his day, friends, problems, concerns. Go have a drink with him at the bar and if a good-looking woman strolls in, you be the first to compliment her. Confidence is sexy.

Newsletters are maintained solely by subscriptions; there is no advertising. Most are printed within low budget means, typewritten, from two to eight pages.

However given all of the above small business people are still out there working everyday and they are as optimistic as ever. I try to meet as many small business people as possible at least 4 times a month through my own networking efforts.

On-The-Job Training – Work for someone else for a while. Roll up your sleeves and learn the business from the inside out. When scouting out potential “employer-trainers,” it’s best to look for one that is successful and well run. Don’t forget though, you can learn from a poorly run business. You learn what NOT to do, instead of what to do. This, however, can be frustrating. It is best to learn from successful people and businesses. Remember though, being an employee and being an owner have two sets of responsibilities.

Practice makes perfect. Get an objective third party who can help you while you are practicing. This person can act as your client and can give you a problem that you need to solve. After each session, ask for feedback to easily figure out the things that you need to improve on.

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Five Ideas That Kill Home Businesses

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