A Home Inspection Is Not A Guarantee

If you are serving or have served in the United States Armed Forces and want to live in San Diego, you may want to consider VA loans as a means to purchasing a home.

Fourth, Roof leaks are in the same category as plumbing leaks, for the same reason mainly. If the floor gets wet there could be trouble. But it has to be a lot of water over a long period of time. Get a home inspector and ALL stains should be assumed as active leaks and repaired. The roof itself should be in great shape before buying. A new roof for a Mobile Home should be less expensive than a site-built Single Family Residence.

Keep in mind that careers are not permanent, or at least that they don’t have to be. Too many people balk at picking a career and getting the right career training because they feel like they are essentially going to be ‘trapped’ in that career. That can be a scary thought. The good news is that if you don’t like the career that you choose, you can always change your mind, and your career path. It might not be the most desirable experience, but you will always have the option to change careers.

Don’t forget to inquire if the house has a clear title. You don’t want to make a scene when a group of people will be in your house one day asking you to pay for the liabilities the property incurred from the former owner. That’ll truly hurt you and your pocket, so you’d better be watchful during the transaction process.

Realistically, it won’t. You’re investing $15,000 to get $15,000 back. You’re also investing time, which in a buyer’s market comes at a premium. While you’re waiting for materials to come in and installers to install, another comparable home has sold for $145,700.

Not only will you be able to pass along the value of the home to the next homeowner, but they can pass it along too. Sound building materials like these just can’t be beaten.

Everybody has had a disposer that smells. It is really unpleasant. Often people will put a wedge of lemon down the disposer to mask the odor. We recommend against this. The lemon rind is too tough for the disposer to deal with, and you can actually damage the blades. The smell is caused by old food debris that is stuck to the inside of the disposer. The best thing to do is to use a still brush to clean the inside of the neck of the disposer. Use a disinfectant, and really scrub the inside. You’ll notice an immediate improvement.

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A Home Inspection Is Not A Guarantee

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